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Maker Faire Grenoble

Fun and pleasure in one place

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Why Visit a Fun Fair?

Many people today are quite worried about how most people these days are too lazy to get out of their homes and experience the outdoors. The reason? Most things today can be delivered to your doorstep. Shopping and even buying food has become a norm in a number of households today that they are missing out on fun and pleasure that life brings if they get themselves out and feel the open air. All the more they will enjoy it if they visit a fun fair.

There are different ways that fun fairs are organized and it entirely depends on the theme or purpose of the organizer.

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The Benefits Of Taking Advantage Of Job And Career Fairs

Did you know that a career and job fair could be beneficial for job seekers and employers alike? Employers get to meet and interview hundreds of different applicants, while job seekers get learn information and ask questions about their potential career or job. Not only this, but job seekers really get to show off their qualifications and talk up their resume, rather than just being a name on a piece of paper. These are only just a few of the benefits that you can receive from attending a career or job fair. And below, you will learn more about some of the opportunities available to you at these fairs.

Great Practice For The Future

Just one day at a career fair, you could literally go through a month’s worth of interviews. This will be perfect practice for your future endeavors. You will get multiple chances to learn how to make eye contact, shake a stranger’s hand, and learn what to wear to an interview. Along with this, you will learn how to answer questions right off the top of your head. Random employers are going to throw questions at you during interviews. And, you have to be able to respond with the quickest and best answer possible, which can be extremely challenging without the proper practice.

Tons Of Networking Opportunities

Whether you are meeting with cost effective home inspectors in Queens NY – New York Inspection Experts or heating and air contractors, these are all contacts that you could potentially use in the near future. For instance, if you become a contractor yourself or a real estate agent you are going to need the services of home inspectors and heating and air techs in the future, so making these contacts right now could potentially save you tons of time and money later down the road. Along with this, career and job fairs give you the opportunity to find mentors and peers that you can later seek advice from.

If you open your own business you could use your new contacts for advice regarding a variety of different subjects.

Learning About The Chosen Industry

Are you still at the point where you do not know what you want to do with your life? Well, career and job fairs are the perfect solution for this. Make sure that you bring a pen and paper, so that you can record all the information that you uncover. For instance, you can discover how needed workers are in chosen fields, the average pay for that chosen field, and how long you would have to work in a chosen field before moving up to management.

Tips on Organizing a Trade Show

A successful consumer fair or trade show – if you take a look at it from a faraway distance, it seems like a very overwhelming task to do right? This is true especially if you are the organizer of the event. If this is your first time, just keep in mind one thing that makes a trade show successful – organization. Below is a list of tips that will help will make your first trade show a success. Don’t worry about little mistakes – you will do better at it next time.
Fair Rules
This is the start of organizing your trade show. This is about the etiquette of all the staff and members involved in organizing the trade show. It also includes the participants as well. The staff that is involved in the registration are expected to greet visitors with an open mind. Visitors are able to tell that their greeters are not very welcoming based on body language.
Make sure that you prepare your very own checklist. This checklist contains all the details that you need to fix before the trade show begins. You must also consider melding various deadlines including the people that are in charge in order to get a better follow up.
Before you think about how you must organize your booth, first think about the kind of products that you want to display. Define your items in a list in order to show its respective quantities. This way, you get to prepare the outlook of your booth, including the merchandise shipment as well.

Floor Plan
This will be the base of all your booth. The earlier you get to start on this, the better the outcome. This is important since you want to see how your booth or the whole trade show is going to look like. You do this by looking at the top view with all the elements that compose the booth or the show itself, such as the products, lights, furniture, etc.
Build the floor plan like this will also give you an idea of which problems needs to be addressed. This is far better than addressing the problem during the event. This will help ease up the communicates with the organizer of the trade show.
Construction needs
Do you need some special constructions for your booth or do you prefer a closed room, then add a second floor? Or do you want to build customized furniture? The time to decide on this can be arduous, so it is better that you organize this early.
Electrical needs
Do you need electricity for your booth? Any item that makes use of electricity means that you need one. Check out how you can organize the power supply that will connect to your booth before you place the items. You should also check out organizing adaptors as there are certain electrical equipment that needs them. Also, check out how many outlets you need to be provided as this might be useful in organizing some multi-strips that will provide the right power to your booth.
To give attention to your products is to provide it with adequate lighting. Generally, the standard light is not optimal for a trade shows’ products. Consider renting added light to your booth.
Most organizers of trade shows provide you with options for carpet texture and color. Make sure you take this opportunity as this will give a complete identity to the booth.
A booth that doesn’t have furniture doesn’t work well. You need to dress up your booth with the needed and most efficient furniture as this will highlight the products and even attract the visitors.


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